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Archive date:  September 16, 2010

Tree Time!

Fall veggies arrive today . . .

With fall waiting in the wings, tree planting is here. It is great to be able to say that in mid-September. We have all been conditioned to associate certain activities in the garden with certain times of year. For many a year, tree planting has been correctly associated with fall, changes in how trees are now grown give us all a much greater window of opportunity to participate in this annual event.

Horticulturally speaking, it has been a well observed axiom of landscape enthusiasts everywhere that trees (or most anything else for that matter) should not be transplanted until a freeze occurs to send the desired specimen into dormancy. This is a correct observation to assure preferred conditions for transplanting a tree that has been grown in the ground. 

The advent of container-grown tree production has been a welcome and beneficial development for both home-owners and nurseries alike: The season for planting is virtually year-‘round since transplant shock does not exist with container grown plants (no roots are cut). Most people prefer to plant trees in the fall, as they should, since autumn brings cooler temperatures and (eventually) more rainfall. That means significantly less maintenance for you.

In an effort to reduce the number of steps required to shop with us, we have made concerted effort to consolidate our display areas. The most often repeated comment we have received over the years is that we simply have too much real estate to cover. Our products have been expansively spread out over many acres and that might be great if you are a cross-country hiking lover, but for many it is simply too much.

We have moved our tree lot to the front area and created a new adjacent area nearby. We have brought in the extensive selection of container-grown trees you have come to expect, including a wide selection of fruiting, shade and ornamental favorites. There’s no need to wait for a killin’ frost, we have great selection today, as we will throughout the fall season.

We have a great selection of flowering fall favorites, a fabulous fare of floriferous fancy. We also have pretty pansies, perennials, and chrysanthemums aplenty! Our fall vegetables have arrived. We have broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Mesculn Mix, collards, cauliflower and more. We have all of these in the groundcover area next to the garden center building, to save you a few more steps!

Don’t forget our special pricing on Gold Standard Fescue (by the way, at $44.50 our 25lb bags are more than $11 less than the “box” stores) for BatesRewards members (that’s you!) prices are good through the month of October, the prime seeding season.

That’s all for now, let us know where we can be of service to you, hope you’ll come see us!

David Bates