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Archive date:  October 1, 2010


The best month of the year, with lots of happenings!

October is here and it couldn’t be more perfect. Blue skies and sunshine are always welcome, add glorious temperatures to that and there’s nothing outdoors that’s not worth doing. This month is chock-full of activities all over town, but I want to call your attention to our neck of the woods: Whites Creek.

October is Fall Festival Month in Historic Whites Creek. Area businesses have put together wonderful activities and entertainment to benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank. The James Gang Company, The Fontanel Mansion & Farm, Ri’chard’s Café and Bates Nursery & Garden Center all have containers for non-perishable food items you can bring in for donation. The events happen each weekend in October.

Stop in James Gang, Fontanel, or Ri’chard’s and register to win the “Historic Whites Creek Fall Festival” GRAND PRIZE! Winner will receive: a gift basket, shirt and spices from Ri’chard’s, Dinner for two and a pair of tickets to one of James Gang shows, and last but not least, a pair of tickets to Montgomery Gentry & Gretchen Wilson with Special Guest John Rich at Fontanel on October 24th.

There’s so much more than I can put here. Follow Bates Nursery on Twitter for details on this month’s events as well as great seasonal gardening tips, after all more than 52,000 followers can’t be wrong, right? Go to www.twitter.com/BatesNursery for updates all day, every day. 

The stock continues to roll in at Bates. Everything you could possibly want is here for the garden, especially expertise. We have the answers to all your questions about your landscape. We will help you get the right plant, in the right place, the first time. 

We have a new service to offer: Custom Prepared Soil Mixes. We now have the ability to blend “On-Demand” a wide variety of soil products to your exacting specifications. Our 3 cubic yard mixer can handle two buckets of your preferred materials including EarthMix®, Mushroom Compost and Pine Fines Soil Conditioner, plus any amendments you want such as Espoma® Organic fertilizers, blood meal, green sand etc. There is a $25 batch charge for mixing plus the cost of ingredients used.

One final big announcement (for our friends west of town) exit 204A is now OPEN! This exit gives direct access to north Briley Parkway from I-40 west of town. I made the drive from the Charlotte Pike on ramp from I-40 to the Whites Creek Pike exit on Briley Parkway in 10 minutes flat, driving the speed limit. If you’re coming from Belleview, Pegram, Dickson or anywhere west of White Bridge road, 7 to 9 minutes has been shaved off your drive. Nary a single traffic light to contend with.

I’ve rambled too much, hope you’ll come see us,

David Bates