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Archive date:  October 29, 2010

And then it was Two

Second Anniversary of my return; A Shady Celebration Ensues… -

Two years ago I had to repossess my business and then there was that whole economic downturn thing. Formidable tasks to deal with, but with the loyal support of you, our BatesRewards members, we got through it. Then came May 1st and 2nd of this year, we all know what happened. Again, the tremendous outpouring of caring and concern from all of you has been another humbling, yet gratifying experience.

We at Bates are fortunate to have so many wonderful friends. We are blessed to do business in an incredible place: Nashville, Tennessee. I know there are many nice places to live in our country, but I am an unabashedly proud, native Nashvillian. You don’t have to be a native to feel that way. The people are what make middle Tennessee. No matter if you were born here or you’re a transplant, the friendly culture permeates everything we do. I really like that about us. And it is authentic. I believe that is why we all choose to live here.

If you were raised like me you learned to say, “Yes M’am” and “No Sir” without even thinking. I still do. I can’t help it. The words are out of my mouth before I even consider whether it is the most appropriate thing to say or not. Please and Thank-you were also instructed to be “non-optional” for inquiries and replies.

Now to the point: Thank-you! We thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve your horticultural needs and to get to know you in the process. We thank you for giving us the confidence and the means to continue in the face of difficulties. And we want to thank you further…

The rain has given us much needed moisture in the soil. You may have been planning to plant a tree or two, but couldn’t stand the thought of digging a large hole in the hard, dry ground. We are offering a Shady Celebration. All deciduous trees (that’s the ones that drop their leaves) will be 25% off through November 4th 2010. When I say all, I mean all. That includes Japanese Maples, fruit trees, ornamental trees, crape myrtles and shade trees. We’ll even include one broadleaf tree family: Southern Magnolias, just because it seems to be the proper and polite thing to do...after all we are in the south, y’all.

The weather looks incredible this weekend; we look forward to seeing you and saying “Thanks”

David Bates