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Archive date:  November 19, 2010

It’s a Cool Time to Landscape

Green Friday Madness throughout November; 40% Discount on all plants continues

Even though we’ve been trying to reduce the amount of stock we have on hand, we still had outstanding orders that had yet to arrive. Surprise, surprise, those plants arrived this week. We committed to receive these plants and we’re committed to finding homes for them. I may have to be committed. That is another issue altogether…

Despite whatever anguish I might be experiencing (real or imagined) we are working through our fabulous selection of plants. As we continue to consolidate all we have to offer, the depth of our plant selection becomes apparent. We really have a lot to choose from …still. So our 40% discount on all plant material continues until further notice. Green Friday is every day in November.

Our weather this fall has been delightful. Any outdoor project has been made easier by the cool temperatures, abundant sunshine and a few more showers of rain. This is a perfect time to get your landscape right. Plants that are planted in the fall season have nearly a full growing season head start on those planted in the spring: The root systems continue to grow through the winter. Because planting in fall gives those plants a “head-start” the likelihood of success through the summer is tremendously increased, with less frequent watering.

Plan a trip out to Whites Creek, do some fall gardening at incredible savings, and since you’re already in the area, take your receipt down the street to The Farm House Restaurant at Fontanel for a 10% discount on fabulous food. We’re proud to have great neighbors like Fontanel so nearby. It is just one more great reason to visit! These great offers are for BatesRewards members only; if you’re not a member, sign-up is quick and FREE!

So get out of the “intentions” mode and into the “action” mode, enhance your landscape with prime plants at phenomenal prices. The wonderful weather tells us all: It’s a Cool Time to Landscape.

Let us know how we can help you in your gardening decisions; that’s why we’re here: The right plant in the right place the first time. Bates Nursery & Garden Center.

David Bates