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Archive date:  December 2, 2010

It’s December, Remember?

Half Off All Plants, All Day, Everyday…until

I’m the guilty party. I’m the guy who confused everyone. We ran our Green Friday promotions last month and it went well, but many folks thought it pertained only to Fridays. Okay, my bad! If you thought, “I can’t possibly make it out there on Friday”. Well not to worry. Our 50% off all plants will continue until we have moved the plants inside for storage, or through our last day of business on Thursday December 23rd, whichever happens first. We don’t want to move them in. We want them to live at your home. Here’s one catch. Every day that passes, we sell more. Your choices are therefore reduced. I admit we still have a lot of plants to move, though. We have more than one hundred Japanese maples alone. These make a great addition to any landscape (and a great gift).

Our selection doesn’t stop there. We have an extensive selection of laurels, Encore Azaleas, hollies, flowering shrubs, Magnolias, shade trees and conifers. Many of the conifers can double as a living Christmas tree. Even though a Blue Atlas Cedar bears a striking resemblance to a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, it should not be ruled out. Blue Atlas Cedars make a great statement in the landscape (to my knowledge, there’s no rules around here about Christmas tree usage, and even if there are, they are rarely enforced). I dare you to be so whimsical!

All whimsy aside, you should consider a camellia, grapple with a grapevine, mull over a mahonia, weigh a wisteria, ruminate over roses, study a stewartia, and excogitate an espalier (okay, excogitating an espalier is whimsical). Be that as it may, we have much to consider, but the clock is ticking. I encourage you to take an hour or so of your busy schedule; now more than ever, we are worth the drive from anywhere!

Enjoy some treats and hot beverages on us while you shop, we just brewed a fresh pot…

David Bates