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Archive date:  May 13, 2011

Hide the women and children its…THE CICADAS!

Will our lives ever be the same? -

Even though they occur every 13 or 17 years, or annually; it seems many are convinced the end of life as we know it is fast approaching. I know not from whence the hype originateth, but it seems many are on the verge of hysteria. A pestilence is descending upon us that may surely bug you. It is after all, just an insect. Never mind that this has been occurring for eons. Don’t let the facts get in the way of the seething fear that simmers just below the surface. Cicadas are harmless. They are not plagues of locust. They will not eat your plants. Yes they are hungry, but it is not food for which they desire. Need I spell it out? It’s been 13 long years!!! After years of celibate seclusion in the soil, it’s no wonder they fly and flutter in a frenzy.

Cicadas can injure small trees. The operative word being: injure. Tree limbs the size of a #2 pencil are the most susceptible to injury from having eggs laid underneath the bark. All trees with limbs of that size are prime targets, regardless of tree variety. Therefore it does stand to reason that smaller trees, having a larger percentage of smaller limbs might be most affected. So far, cicada emergence seems to be spotty and not widespread as in ’84. A worst-case scenario equates to major annoyance. It does not mean death and destruction of your landscape and garden. We do have 15’ X 15’ cicada netting available if you feel you must protect. I’m not suggesting you need to protect. 

With sanity restored, we can now focus on your garden. If you’re like me, you still haven’t gotten the violas/pansies out of the ground. The cool weather has extended their mileage this spring, but it is time to transition to summer annuals. We have restocked our selection fully and await your arrival. We have it all, sun or shade, any color or growth habit. Tell us what you want to do and we’ll be glad to suggest! 

***Special Guest on The At Home Show with Josh Cary & David Bates this Saturday! Big Kenny (Alphin) of Big and Rich fame will be in studio for the entire 8 o’clock hour…Big Kenny is a huge horticultural fan; he’ll talk gardening and much more. Tune in from 7am to 9am every Saturday on 99.7 WTN-FM.***

David Bates