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Archive date:  May 27, 2011

Composting: Save money and the planet at the same time

Special hours on Memorial Day, change in weekly hours as spring begins to wind down

Jeffrey Ezell talks Composting in The GreenRoom at 11:00am Saturday May 28. If you would like to, call Sara Bates to reserve your seat or simply drop by. Our second of two composting sessions talks of the more traditional composting method and how to make it work in your home. Don’t throw your organic matter away compost it and use it in your own garden!

The serviceberry is a native spring flowering large shrub or small tree. There are several species, but the one most commonly encountered in the wilds of Tennessee is the shadblow serviceberry. The term serviceberry alludes to church services that would take place as the roads thawed in early spring and the early settlers were once again able to go to church, often when the trees were in flower. 

Because of its beautiful white blooms, stunning orange-red fall color, and delicious blueberry-like fruit, the ornamental uses for the serviceberry are almost endless. It can be used as a small specimen tree or as an accent along a naturalized border. One could even imagine its use as an unusual source for produce. One mature tree could produce several gallons of serviceberries just perfect for baking or eating out of hand. If you plan on harvesting, you must be vigilant because the birds love serviceberries and have been known to wipe out a whole crop in a matter of hours.

If you’re looking for a beautiful native tree whether for blooms, fall color, or fruiting capabilities, look no further than the serviceberry. And, the next time you’re hiking through the woods or taking a drive through the country side (or visiting the nursery) in late May or early June, take the time to seek out these delectable berries. You’ll be glad you did!

Adam Chapman – Horticulturist, Bates Nursery & Garden Center 

Hope you have a great weekend,

David Bates

p.s. Make sure to make note of our Memorial Weekend hours. We will have normal hours Saturday and Sunday. Monday, Memorial Day, May 30, we will open at 8:00 am and close at NOON. Beginning Tuesday, May 31st, we will begin closing at 5:00 instead of 6:00.