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Archive date:  June 3, 2011

June and Summer Arrive Together

Edibles and Evergreens* Sale now going on!

Between the drops of sweat and the cicada induced collective tinnitus we are all dealing with, June has indeed arrived with much fanfare. Seems like just last week we were having cool temperatures; wait a minute that was last week. I guess the heat is better than dealing with terrible storms. The good news is it doesn’t look like rain will spoil your plans outdoors.

We have concocted a perhaps hare-brained scheme to get you out in the garden. We are offering, through next Thursday, all edibles at 40% off. When I say all edibles I mean everything that produces fruit or vegetables. Be it blueberries, or raspberries, if you’d rather; figuring out which fruit trees or figs; perhaps sample a scuppernong or treat yourself to tangy tomatoes, tomatillos or tasty strawberries, whatever we have that bears fruit or vegetable or is otherwise edible, is yours for 40% off. This also includes all herbs. Now is a great time to finish out your garden spot and save big on everything edible.

I also mentioned evergreens*. We over-purchased on large screening arborvitaes this spring. All large Green Giant and Emerald Arborvitae that are balled & burlapped and dropped in containers, in back sections (D2 & D3), are also 40% off. If you’ve been thinking about planting a hedge, now is the time. These plants are ready to go and in great shape and ready to provide privacy for your perimeter, pronto (that’s Spanish).

So don’t let hot, cicada-enriched outdoors deter you from your gardening. It’s mostly psychological and… well physiological, but hey, it’s your mind and body. Give it some thought, hydrate well and come on out. Just in case you’re insufficiently hydrated, we’ll have free iced bottled water to keep you cool while you shop; and from where I come from, free is still a pretty good deal.

Come out and save big on top quality edibles and select large arborvitae with our Edibles and Evergreens Sale going on through Thursday June 9! 

David Bates