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Archive date:  June 10, 2011

It All Happened So Fast

Topiaries and Trees Sale 40% off through June 16

At a speed infinitely faster than a car crash, a strike by lightening gets your attention, as long as you’re not too close. Fortunately our Sunday afternoon bolt from above at the nursery struck no animate creatures, but toasted many things technological in nature. We like most, take precautions to the nth degree to protect electronics, but when you take a direct hit…it does damage. Fortunately we lost no data, but I definitely lost some sleep. If you have sent me an email this week, I have failed to reply. I haven’t been able to most of the week. Hopefully I will get current again very soon.

I guess the heat did the cicadas in. Our visitors from around the country this week to CMA week and Bonnaroo don’t know what they’re missing. No doubt organizers from both events are elated. There’s no sense in letting the heat do you in. I know it’s hot. It is the time of year when hole digging is a laborious task. I suggest evening gardening. Usually after about 6:30 the heat of the day begins to break. It may be the best time of the day for any outdoor activity.

Well, we’re not open at 6:30 or after, so if you’re interested in saving big on any tree we have in stock, you’ll have to shop between 8am and 5pm Monday – Saturday or Noon – 4pm Sunday. This week we are offering all trees and topiaries too, at 40% off. All trees are included: for a complete list of trees, go to our website; www.batesnursery.com. Leave the search box blank, scroll down the “Type” list (for specific categories) beginning with Acer/Maple down to Miscellaneous Trees. Select the category “Type” you have interest in and press “Search” button. A complete list by individual category will appear. Search all 16 category types see all sale tree items. If you want to search for topiaries, simply type topiary in the “search” box, leaving the “Type” box on any category. Remember, all trees and topiaries are 40% off now through Thursday, June 16, 2011. This is a great opportunity for BatesRewards members to save big….and avoid the crowds at CMA week. Take the opportunity to visit our friends at The Farm House Restaurant at Fontanel, just down the street, while you’re in the neighborhood!

Still have free bottled water on ice,

David Bates