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Archive date:  June 23, 2011

One Last Word on Bagworms

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I have made mention of bagworms the last two weeks. I felt the need to make one last blast. When I arrived home yesterday, I noticed a bagworm hanging on one of my Horstmann’s Blue Atlas Cedars. Somehow, I had overlooked it earlier and not removed it. As I expected, the empty cocoon from last year’s bagworm spelled trouble…by the hundreds.

Now that my attention was focused, I began to notice a few juvenile bagworms on my 6 foot tall cedar; I began pulling them off. The more I pulled the more I noticed. An hour later I was still looking for missed bagworms. By my best estimate, I removed around 400 bagworms from a single tree that all emerged from a single cocoon. Pulling them off by hand works well, but the camouflage of the needles makes them extremely hard to find for removal. Here’s a tip to assist you in spotting those hidden bagworms: look for them with your head up-side-down. I’m not sure why they seem to be easier to spot using this method, but they are for me. I’m sure my neighbors may now think I have a loose screw; maybe they thought that before yesterday. Check out our YouTube site for a video of the worms: www.youtube.com/batesnursery

Whether you pick them or spray them, make sure you look for bagworms on your prize conifers now; if I had noticed two weeks later, they would have done irreparable harm. Look closely! 

Since summer is officially here, it is possible you have failed to get seasonal color plantings completed. It is entirely possible you have had a few plants that need to be re-planted. Still within the realms of possibility, it may be you intended to plant a few new containers for the deck or patio. Whatever the case, we are offering all pottery, all annuals, and all tropical plants (including hanging baskets) at 40% off through the end of the month. Come on out and get your outdoor living spaces gussied up at 40% off!

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David Bates