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Archive date:  June 30, 2011

Pick Four for the Fourth Sale

July 4th Appreciation Sale for BatesRewards members

It’s time to celebrate your independence. It’s time to revel in your power of choice! That’s right, for two days only; BatesRewards members can pick (up to) 4 items and get them for half price. 50% off any four items we have in stock. For example, imagine selecting a Japanese maple, a decorative container, an oriental pom-pom topiary juniper and a scoop of EarthMix® Premium Topsoil Blend, or any other 4 items of your heart’s desire…for 50% off. You might want 4 Emerald Arborvitae or Southern Magnolia to create or extend a screen. It might be to your liking to add trees for shade, fruit or ornamental effect; we have revamped our selections to choose from. 

You get the picture, 4 items, mix-‘n-match or all the same, it doesn’t matter. This sale is Friday July 1st & Saturday July 2nd only. Sale is limited to items we have in stock: deliveries, gift cards, and special orders are excluded. 

A Bagworm Epilogue and other thoughts:
I know I said I was through with the aforementioned subject but I thought I needed to add a footnote. This week I picked another 32 bagworms off my Blue Cedar. I’m not surprised, the extremely juvenile worms of a week ago grew enough to become visible; if you’re relying on hand picking, you should check again…and then again in another week. You could just spray and be done with it, but that’s too easy. As I always say, “Anything worth doing is worth doing to excess”. That mantra doesn’t work well for most, but it makes sense to me somehow.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful 4th of July holiday. I hope you get all of the bar-be-cue, fried chicken, watermelon, fried okra, homegrown tomatoes, fried corn, and whatever else you determine necessary to do the 4th right! By the way, if you’ve never visited the Whitland neighborhood on July 4th late morning/early afternoon you are missing a real Nashville treat…I’ll be there!

We will be closed July 4th and Sundays throughout the summer,

David Bates