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Archive date:  July 20, 2011

The GREAT Northwest

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I had the great fortune of spending the last week in Oregon. I will tell you my timing was pretty good weather-wise; I don’t think it ever got above 66 degrees. My daughter Sara, my wife Renee and I went out with two main objectives: visit my sister, Amy in Eugene and for me to speak to the National Sales meeting of Monrovia. WOW! What an honor! I feel truly blessed to have been asked to speak to this distinguished group of nursery industry professionals. 

Our sales rep, Steven Morrill received the company’s prestigious “Rising Star” award, being recognized as Monrovia’s top new outside sales representative in the company. I also have great regard for my good friend, Rusty Storrer, formerly our rep, now in Ohio. Rusty won “Salesman of the Year”, Monrovia’s highest honor.

The icing on the cake was spending a few days with my sister. The distance is great between us, but fortunately the distance is only geographic…I love her, and miss her. I don’t fully comprehend how much I miss her until I see her and spend time together. I am able to keep the distance in prospective by the happy life she has in Oregon…besides, we also got to check another National Park off the list: Crater Lake.

In honor of all our many friends, the wonderful Horticultural Craftsmen at Monrovia, and to celebrate 35 years of doing business together, we are offering 35% off all Monrovia plants through July 28, 2011 for BatesRewards members. This is our way of thanking two of the special relationships we at Bates Nursery are so fortunate to have: Monrovia…and You!

I know it’s hot; we’ve got the free bottled water on ice, to keep you cool (well, hydrated at least) while you shop. We’re here to help; let us know what you’re working on, and we will gladly advise you on the best plants…Monrovia plants, of course!

There’ much more I could tell from the week past; perhaps a bit later on; hope you’ll come see us,

David Bates