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Archive date:  July 24, 2011

Putting July Away for Another Year

End of July specials include 20% off everything* plus FREE flats of annuals

The end of July is here. It is hot. Yard work that is normally fun becomes more of a chore. You have dragged out and turned on the lights for evening gardening. Water, water, water. The last thing you want to do is dig more holes in the ground. You broke your pick trying to dig in the hard ground last week. August begins Monday. There is still at least 6 more weeks of the heat…did you hear what I said? At least 6 more weeks! Think of how you were freezing last winter! Enjoy the time that is summer and all that comes with it...including the heat.

So right about now you are so not-wanting to hear what I have in store for you this week; unless you like FREE. That’s right, FREE. While supplies last we are giving to you, our BatesRewards members FREE flats of annuals. Each BatesRewards household can get (up to) 5 flats of FREE annuals from the greenhouse. Perhaps you had one area that didn’t do as well as you’d hoped or you forgot to water a spot one weekend. Perhaps you want to enlarge or add a new area, whatever the case, you can get 5 flats of FREE annuals with any purchase…any purchase, even just a packet of seeds.

And to further lighten the load of “any purchase”, we’ll give you an additional 20% off of everything* in stock (gift cards and deliveries are excluded*). Don’t let the heat get you down, get up, come out and enjoy the warmth and get some great values on quality plants along with our expertise to help you grow them to their best.

One reminder, the FREE annuals include regular flats, plus flats of 4” & 4 ½” pots as well. We still have wave petunias; Mexican heather, asparagus fern, sweet potato vine, lantana, Purple Heart Setcretia, double impatiens and much more…while supplies last! Make sure and also enjoy some FREE iced bottled water on us while you shop.

Enjoy the summer season,

David Bates