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Archive date:  August 6, 2011

The Celebration of Many Lives…The TBCC

Don’t settle for just 10% off on a tax-free weekend; BatesRewards members get 30% off through Aug. 11

The Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition was founded in 1995 to increase awareness of breast cancer issues to men and women in Tennessee. Now for 16 years, their efforts have led them to a vast number of accomplishments in our state.

We at Bates Nursery & Garden Center are a proud supporter of the TBCC. We invite you to participate in this most worthwhile cause. We are honored to be the provider of plants and installer of the 30’ pink ribbon at Hermitage Golf Course. To donate to the TBCC, go to their website: www.tbcc.org.

You may be thinking of doing a bit of trimming around the garden. It is time to do that now, without delay. Your shrubbery requires sufficient time to push out new growth and for it to harden off and mature before frost. (Right about now, frost sounds pretty inviting)…doing this chore now gets that task off of the “to-do” list. You plants will thank you by looking their best throughout the fall and winter. By getting non-flowering shrubs trimmed now and fertilized with Espoma® Organic fertilizers, you can assure yourself of getting your plants ready for fall…even in this heat.

There’s a lot of talk about the tax-free weekend coming up. I admit I like to save 10% as much as the next person. It seems to me that 10% is a nice start, but we’ll see your 10% and raise you 20%. Through Thursday August 11, 2011, BatesRewards members will receive 30% off everything we have in stock. The last time I checked, 30 is three times more than 10. And we don’t care if you are buying plants and everything to go with them for back-to-school or not! Gift cards and deliveries are excluded; everything else in stock is included.

Make sure to make your way down to the perennial area; the plants are great and that’s where the free iced bottled water is located; drink all you want while you shop; we want you to keep hydrated!

Support the TBCC along with Bates Nursery; we hope you’ll come see us,

David Bates