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Archive date:  August 19, 2011

You Make the Call in Mid-August

Do you think we’re a “Best of Nashville”?

As I take a passing glance at the calendar, it occurs to me just how quickly time passes. It is already beyond the middle of August, the official beginning of autumn is little more than a month away, and there’s still a lot I want (and need) to get done while summer is still here.

The break from the heat has certainly been welcome. We are having cooler conditions yes, but it is dry. It is time to take a moment to consider your watering habits. For the record, I am a staunch proponent of thorough watering as opposed to frequent watering. Watering slowly for longer periods of time gives plants the much-needed beneficial moisture at depth. Established plants, regularly watered deeply tend to be more resilient to occasional dry periods since their root systems have grown deeper in search of water. On the other hand, plants watered shallow and more frequently tend to do the opposite; therefore much less able to withstand periods of dryness.

It’s that time of year again; Nashville Scene readers vote their “Best of Nashville” list. We would appreciate your vote. Simply go to www.nashvillescene.com, look for the “Best of Nashville 2011” banner near the bottom-left of page. You will need to vote for 20 categories for your vote to count. Voting ends September 16, 2011. By the way, look under the “Goods and Services” tab for best Local Nursery/Garden Center. We appreciate you taking the time to vote for us as well as your other favorites!

One of the great things about summer is the opportunity to save. The cooler temperatures have returned gardening to a pleasant outdoor activity. When you put those two things together, it means it is time to take a trip to Bates Nursery. You make the call: from now through August 25, 2011, you may choose either 50% off any single item OR 25% off your entire order. That’s right. Simply pick any ONE item at half price OR select your entire order at 25% off. Going on now through August 25th so hurry! You don’t want to let that special something you’ve had your eye on get away.

Come see us, and remember, there’s free iced bottled water in the perennial area,

David Bates