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Archive date:  September 9, 2011

What a Difference a Week Can Make

Cool weather veggies, pansies, mums, grass seed and more!

If you had told me this time last week that I would be wearing long-sleeved shirt, fleece vest, and jeans and was still a bit chilly; I would have given you one of those looks. You know the look. It’s the, Well, what have we been smoking, look. Or perhaps the, You’re so full of… manure, look. Needless to say, the dramatic change in weather has been fairly unbelievable. From parched, hundred degree conditions to wonderfully moist, barely reaching the seventies is a welcome change; though I would never have believed it last week.

The welcome end-of-summer transition towards fall has gotten us fired up. We’ve brought in shipments from Iseli nursery in (not-so) Boring, Oregon. We have also received Oregon’s finest turf-type fescues. Gold Standard® Fescue was tested and developed in the southern heat; then sent to Oregon for production. What results is the best fescue blend available. For our BatesRewards members, we have special pricing on Gold Standard® fescue in 25# and 50# bags. The 25’s, regularly priced 59.99, are $48.50 for BatesRewards members; the 50’s, normally 99.99 are just $78.50! Additionally, we know you want to have a great lawn; now you can have it with an organic touch. We have a special purchase of 9-12-6 organic turf fertilizer and starter; normally sells for 39.99, BatesRewards members get it for $24.50. Each 50 lb. bag covers 10,000 s/f. Best of all these prices last throughout the fall seeding season!

Yes, we have received pansy, violas, mums and cold weather veggies. We have received much more. More than space will allow. I have uploaded a short video of some of the new items to our YouTube site.

Here is our blowout special of the week. If you have been thinking of planting double pink knockout roses, the time to stop thinking and start planting has arrived. Here is the deal: gorgeous #3 Double Pink Knockout Roses are regularly $27.99. Through Thursday September 15, 2011 BatesRewards members will receive the following quantity discounts: 1 @ 19.99; 3 @ 17.99 ea.; 5 @ 14.99 ea.; 10 @ 12.99 ea.; or 25 @ 9.99ea.! The more you get, the more you save.

We’ve still got free bottled water (no hot chocolate yet), hope you’ll come see us,

David Bates