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Archive date:  October 21, 2011

If You’re Gonna Seed, Better Git’R Done

Great time to complete fall seeding before colder weather arrives

The quick developing fall weather hastens a close the prime seeding season. A word to the wise: If you plan on new lawn establishment or overseeding, you need to get it done…immediately.

With the introduction of turf-type fescues, many homeowners are deciding to establish fescue lawns. Unlike traditional tall fescues (i.e. Kentucky 31), the newer turf-types, such as Gold Standard® have been bred for brown-patch resistance, a finer textured leaf blade, rich color, and shade tolerance. Best of all, fescues do not have rhizomes, so they won’t invade bedding areas. Preparation is the key to establishing a lush, fescue lawn.

For new lawn establishment, you should use the recommended rate of 5 – 8 lbs. per 1,000 square feet. It is a good idea to spread half the seed in one direction and then the other half at a 90 degree angle to ensure uniform distribution. Rake the seed into the soil no more than ¼ inch deep.

It looks like we will be getting more regular rainfall. Therefore, you may not need to water often, if at all. The idea is to keep the seed surface moist at all times but not soaking wet to the point of run-off. If watering is needed, once the seed has germinated, gradually reduce the frequency of watering and increase the duration to allow the water to seep deeper into the soil.

Once the grass has reached 3 inches it is alright to mow. Remember, tall fescues (including turf-type tall fescues) like to be tall so do not mow any shorter than 3 to 4 inches...ever. To keep your lawn lush and healthy, overseed every fall with about 2 to 3 lbs. of seed per 1,000 square feet. If you plan on overseeding, make sure to aerate first, this helps insure seed to soil contact.

Remember, we have special pricing on Gold Standard® Fescue seed through October; 50 pound bags are only $78.50 and 25 pound bags are just $48.50. Also remember 50 pound starter fertilizer now just $24.99.

Weather looks great this weekend…hope you’ll come see us!

David Bates