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Archive date:  December 1, 2011

Timely December Deals

Now 50% off all Plants, Containers, and bagged EarthMix® Products

Per usual, another month has gone by too quickly. For me, that means Christmas will be here sooner than expected. It’s not that I think Christmas will arrive before December 25th; it’s just that I seem to live in some altered state of time. Perhaps I watch too many programs about quantum physics, space-time dilation and the unified string theory. I didn’t say I understand those programs, I just watch them. Despite whatever “time” I live in, I do know this: Christmas is coming…soon.

The flipping of the calendar to December means we are making a small time adjustment to our hours. We are now CLOSED on Sundays. Our hours are unchanged Monday through Saturday; still 8am ‘til 4pm.

Our inventory reduction is moving along nicely, but we thought we should sweeten the deal a bit. For one week only, through December 8, 2011, in addition to 50% off of ALL plants, we will also offer all decorative containers/pottery and all bagged EarthMix® Products at 50% off as well. With the colder temperatures moving in, it is timely to announce our newest EarthMix® bagged product: Firewood with Kindling. That’s right, we now offer bagged, seasoned hardwood Firewood with Kindling…and yes it is also at 50% off! Our Firewood is just the right amount for a well-seasoned holiday get-together. Whether you need soils, amendments, mulches or firewood; it’s a great time to stock-up and save on all bagged EarthMix® Brand products. Sale prices are for BatesRewards members only! Sign-up is fast and free!

This might be the year where you depart from the traditional and use a living Christmas tree. We have quite a number of smaller conifers as well as other upright growing plants suitable for putting inside for a bit during the holidays and then planting afterwards. If you want to get the most for your money and add to your landscape in the process, a living Christmas tree is a great choice especially at 50% off. Don’t forget poinsettias are plants also; they too are 50% off.

We also have decorative wreathes and garland and don’t forget the gardener in your life; a Bates Nursery gift card is always the right size, and is available in any amount. So drop on by and see the deals we have for you! Our selection is still excellent and the savings can’t be beat.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Bates Nursery,

David Bates