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Archive date:  December 9, 2011

Saving the Season’s Best Deals for Last

60% off All Plants plus Buck-A-Gallon on selected plants

I remember all-too-well, my wife, Renee’s words as we are speeding towards Baptist Hospital in the moments preceding my daughter, Sara’s birth, “Hurry …but slow down!” Certainly a sale is not risk-worthy of traffic violations, but Renee’s words ring true. Don’t drive recklessly, don’t break the speed limit; but also be sure: Don’t delay.

One thing is certain, winter is coming. What that means is we have to move the plants located outside and above ground to an inside protective location. While that is not an unfamiliar task for us, it is laborious…as well as expensive. That is why we are offering all remaining plants we have in-stock at 60% off. But here is the catch: Once we move the plants inside, they are no longer on sale…so that is where the urgency for a hastily organized trip to Whites Creek Pike is in order!

As if 60% off all plants weren’t enough, we have assembled two sections of plants designated as “Buck-A-Gallon”. Let’s review: All plants in these sections are a bit past their prime, but hey, they’re only a buck-a-gallon. One gallon plants are $1. Two gallon plants are $2. Three Gallon plants are $3. Five gallon plants are $5. Seven gallon plants are $7, Fifteen Gallon plants are (you guessed it) $15. Twenty-Five Gallon plants are $25. All Buck-A-Gallon plants are located in sections A-10 and A-11.

Plants selected from the Buck-A-Gallon area will be documented and loaded directly from sections A-10 and A-11 into your vehicle, after you check out. When you proceed to the checkout, the only plants on your cart will be 60% off items; all other plants selected from the Buck-A-Gallon area will be documented on our “Buck-A-Gallon” sales sheet. Once you have checked out, you will then return to sections A-10 and A-11 and have your paperwork verified. Your Buck-A-Gallon plants will then be loaded.

We will open Friday at 8am sharp! Come prepared to haul what you purchase (we have a hard time protecting sold plants from prying eyes while you’re away).

We’re looking forward to helping you; come see us soon!

David Bates