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Archive date:  December 16, 2011

The Final Stretch Before All Hail Breaks Out

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Even with warm temperatures, I must admit I am feeling the holidays coming on. We have been listening to Christmas music at the nursery since Thanksgiving. That is what is necessary for me to conjure up the necessary cheer and thereby exorcise the humbug gremlins. I am glad Christmas only comes once a year though.

I must admit to enjoying all of the parties that occur throughout the holiday season. I appreciate all of the folks that allow me to accompany my wife Renée. I’m pretty sure the invites come in spite of who she is married to, not because of it. Parties are such a glorious opportunity to delve into the realm of excess, in the presence of other like-minded individuals. I admit: Too much has always been just about right for me. Yes, I believe I will have another cream puff!

As we prepare to wind up our year, here are the last-minute opportunities for you, our BatesRewards members: 60% off all plants continues, that is all plants that are still outside, which is most of them; next ALL remaining Buck-A-Gallon plants are now in A-11 and are now just a Half-Buck-A-Gallon. That’s right, just 50 ȼ for a 1 gallon; $1 for a Two Gallon and so on. Last, but not least, special pricing on Bates Nursery Gift Cards! $50 is 10% off; $51-$100 is 15% off; $101 to $249 is 20% off and any card purchased for $250 or more is 25% off! Give a gift card to someone special in your life…like yourself. It is a great way to purchase your own discount in advance. All that said; you cannot use these discounted gift cards for purchasing other year-end specials or deals.

An early reminder; we will close at Noon on December 23rd; we will re-open January 3, 2012 at 8am.

Enjoy your holiday time in moderately excessive fashion,

David Bates