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Archive date:  March 14, 2013

We Are Up and Ready to Bloom

Early shipment of cool season veggies has arrived!

I admit, it is an exciting time of year.  It is an enjoyable experience that spring brings.  Okay, perhaps there are a few things that are less than enjoyable. It is at times difficult to resume the hectic pace accompanied with spring business. It is a bit of a laborious transition coming out of winter, where the pace is leisurely, to the all-out business that spring so fortuitously presents us.


Whatever rust we may be experiencing is quickly shaken off by the new shipments of plants we are receiving daily. So far this week, we have received cool season vegetables, shade and ornamental trees, knockout roses, and groundcovers. At this time of year, something new is always arriving.


Due in Friday morning from Monrovia: Agapanthus ‘Midknight Blue’, Tangerine Beauty Cross Vine, Black Prince Echeveria, Merlot, Sundown, Tiki Torch, and Tomato Soup Echinaceas, Frostproof Gardenia, Southern Comfort and Pistache Heucheras, Muskogee, Red Rocket, Tuscarora, and Zuni Crape Myrtles, Ebony Knight Black Mondo Grass, and Alba Plena and Lutea Lady Banks Rose.  Another item of special interest is Vintage Jade Distylium…one of the best new plants from 2012!


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We still have a few openings for employment, if you're interested. We are now accepting seasonal applications for enthusiastic plant people. If you have interest and enjoy working outdoors and with other engaging gardeners, come in ask for Paula or Sherry and fill out an application. We look forward to talking to you.


The weather looks excellent for an early springtime weekend. We hope you'll come out and give us a visit!


David Bates