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Archive date:  March 8, 2012

It’s All Timing

This effective, environmentally safe pest control must be done now

Most projects have a “window of opportunity”, where timing and conditions are best. That is not to say there is not wiggle room on most endeavors in the landscape, however, most projects normally come down to having things ready when the weather is agreeable. As spring rapidly approaches, the opportunity to use dormant oil is quickly eluding us.

The number one overlooked winter (that’s right , I said winter) project is spraying with dormant oil. Dormant oil is the most beneficial, least hazardous, greatest bang-for-the-buck treatment for smaller trees and shrubbery that any homeowner can do. Dormant oil kills many chewing and sucking pests in the organic garden, including aphids, scale, whiteflies, fruit moths, and all kinds of mites. You can combine dormant oil with good garden hygiene practices, such as removing fallen fruits and foliage, to control many damaging insects.

As a means of pest control, dormant oil’s effectiveness comes from its ability to form a suffocating film over insects and their eggs. This mode of extermination means that harmful chemicals, which can affect humans and wildlife, aren’t necessary.

Newer dormant oils/horticultural oils are lighter and thinner, which make them evaporate more quickly. This decreases the chances that the dormant oils will damage your trees or shrubs. Nevertheless, some plants are especially sensitive to dormant oil and require alternative pest control methods. Always read the entire label.
Spraying of dormant oil should occur on a clear day when the temperatures are expected to remain over 40 degrees F. for at least twenty-four hours. The ideal ranges of temperatures for application are between 40 and 70 degrees F.

Wind is also a problem when spraying anything. This is where checking the weather conditions are most critical. Spray application should be avoided whenever wind conditions exceed 5 m.p.h. You wouldn’t spit into the wind; don’t spray into it either.

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David Bates