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Archive date:  March 22, 2012

It’s Official: Spring!

Two - SquareFoot Gardening Classes this Saturday

Since it’s been feeling spring for a while now, I’m glad it’s official. And while there’s no guarantee we won’t still have some colder temperatures, (in fact, it’s likely) we can now turn our attention to the garden full-out. Actually the official transition to spring this year has been merely a formality. Everyone seems to be ready to dig. Our dear friend, and landscape designer, Nancy Coop reminded me of an article she recently read, based on a 2007 study: Is Dirt the New Prozac?

The study concludes what many avid gardeners have intuitively known: there is a connection between feelings of well-being and physically working in the soil. Obviously, as a proponent of soil-based happiness, I enthusiastically recommend that you, , should dig two holes and call me in the morning. Actually, you should call Sara, at 615.876.1014. You see, Sara is again taking reservations for Square Foot Gardening classes this Saturday. Rowena Aldridge is conducting two classes; the first at 11a.m. will be an encore performance of her “Introduction to SquareFoot Gardening” class. The second class, at 2p.m., gives instruction for “seasoned” SquareFoot gardeners. Rowena will discuss advanced SquareFoot gardening techniques and companion plantings. This class has been rated “MG”, for mature gardeners; no one under the age of 5 will be permitted…unless accompanied by parent, guardian or The Lorax.

A reminder: the classes/lectures we provide in The GreenRoom are always provided for our BatesRewards members without cost to you. We want to help you be the most informed gardener you can be; that’s just a part of being a BatesRewards member. Another benefit is getting the first word on what has just arrived. We are currently unloading our first large shipment of annuals and tropicals. I did not say it is a good idea to put those out yet; but if you’re going to we’ve got ‘em.

It would appear that warm weather is here for the foreseeable future; at least as far as I can see. Just keep looking for four-leafed clovers, grab your lucky rabbit’s foot, and cross your fingers…after all; it is spring!

Come on out and give us a visit; extended hours in effect: Mon-Fri 8-6; Sat 8-5; Sun Noon-4

David Bates