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Archive date:  April 5, 2012

Remember the 70’s?

…if you can, it’s time to plant!

Often the above question is posed; an after-statement usually follows: If you remember the 70’s you probably weren’t there. I’m not talking about the decade. I’m talking about the temperature. It looks like we are in store for springtime weather! I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty stoked. After a few weeks of the 80’s, I think we’re all ready for some cooler, more seasonable days.

Apparently, we have all decided, to not let fear and common sense disrupt our gardening plans. With an unseasonably warm March, it is difficult to keep in mind that our average last frost date is April 6th (didn’t it used to be the 15th?). Whatever date you use, it is important to remember that these dates are averages. There is nothing set in stone. So, it is safe to plant tender annuals now? Probably. I’ll at least give you a definite maybe. With each passing day, the statistical probability of frost is reduced. That is good news; the only thing is, I’m pretty sure plants don’t pay attention to statistics…just temperatures.

As I gaze into my crystal ball, (the 10 day forecast) it looks as though there may be two nights where the possibility of light frost occurring in low-lying rural areas ,like here at the nursery, exists. Forecast lows for Friday night around 37 and on Tuesday night around 36. Hopefully that is a cold as it gets. Remain vigilant weather-wise if you plant tender annuals; we’re not quite out of the woods yet.

Our selection of plants continues to expand…even though we are near capacity. This week we have received shipments of large boxwoods (30” and up), large hollies (15 to 45 gallon!), David Austin, Drift, and Knock-Out roses, Hydrangea, tropicals, perennials, and annuals. All that, and we feature Steven Morrill of Monrovia in The GreenRoom this Saturday morning at 11am talking peonies! We look forward to hearing what Steven has to share and we invite you to absorb his expertise! Contact Sara Bates to reserve your seat: 615.876.1014 or email: sarabates@batesnursery.com.

I wish to express my heartfelt thanks for the multitude of condolences and kind words expressed on behalf of my Uncle Joe. I have shared those with my family. They are greatly appreciated!

We are open all weekend; Good Friday 8-6; Saturday 8-5; Easter Sunday Noon-4

David Bates