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Archive date:  April 13, 2012

A Nip in the Air?

Another roller-coaster spring

Since our last visit, the thermometer has been stretched like an old rubber band. We’ve had high temperatures near 90 degrees and lows near 30. Thankfully, the old “rubber band” hasn’t been stretched to record breaking lengths. Even though dealing with frost/freezing conditions is quite inconvenient, it goes with the territory. It doesn’t mean we have to like it, we just have to deal with it. Hopefully, you were able to make proper provisions to protect tender plants.

I hope you were aware of the chill sufficiently in advance to make those preparations deemed necessary. If you weren’t aware, you might consider giving us a like on facebook. By doing so, it will give you the ability to get additional information from us closer to “real-time”. We update our facebook page daily (sometimes many times per day) with everything from gardening weather to the latest plant arrivals. I appreciate the opportunity to communicate with you weekly; I try to always be respectful of this privilege you extend. , I promise you won’t ever get more than one email per week from me; nobody likes spam…unless it is cut into ¼” slices and fried.

We have greatly expanded our selection of annuals this week. We have received a nearly full semi-load of plants for your perusal. Yes, we are stacked to the walls, front to back with everything you desire for the flower / vegetable garden or for planting up your pots for the porch or patio.

I cannot recall us ever having such an extensive selection of perennials. If you have an inexplicable asclepias urge (the plant, not the god), we have the medicine for that. If you languish at the lack of lysimachia in your life or awake in the morn’ mumbling, “Monarta…monarta”, we can supply therapeutic entanglements to whisk you away towards a state of blissful horticultural existence…or perhaps just answer a couple of questions you might have. Whatever the case, we’re here to help!

Hope you’ll come see us!

David Bates