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Archive date:  May 12, 2012

Your Mother would be so proud!

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The title reference is a statement that usually follows doing something nice for someone or other notable achievement. The statement usually comes from an appreciative aunt or Mrs. Smith down the street. Use of the word ‘would’, in this context, denotes a ‘past-tense’ reference. For whatever reason, mom’s not here to appreciate the moment.

For many of us, mom is no longer physically present. This Sunday is the 25th Mother’s Day since my mother’s passing. It is hard to believe that much time has gone by. I know this, Moms have special powers; here’s my evidence.

When my brother Mark and I were quite young, we decided to play with matches. We did not think to ask Mom if it was okay if we did this. We did not want to bother her. We did so at a very discreet location, out in a field, far away from the house. Dad had upright junipers growing in the field; we were away from Mom’s prying eyes.

We carefully took dry weeds and piled them into a hole where a plant had been dug out. Even though we were completely out-of-sight, we failed to realize one thing: smoke rises. Mom had noticed how quiet things were around the house; curious, she looked out the bathroom window, in the direction of a distant field…

One other detail we overlooked: smoke smells like smoke. The moment we arrived at the back door Mom met us. She immediately inquired if we had been playing with matches. Simultaneously Mark and I both responded. He said no, I said yes. To this day, I have no idea how I said yes, but I was really glad at the time.

Full disclosure: There were many times where I came out on the short-end-of-the-stick, just not that time…sorry Mark! Despite many childhood escapades, I know Mom was so proud… of all 5 of us.

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Don’t forget to remember Mom; we have what she wants!

David Bates