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Archive date:  June 7, 2012

Perfect Spring Weather

FREE vegetable plants for community gardens; sharing your harvest with others; while supplies last

Getting up in the mornings this week has gotten me almost giddy. This remarkable run of wonderful weather is enough to make me want to sing…but I won’t. There’s enough of that going on around town this week with CMA Fest (it’ll always be Fan Fair to us locals) in full swing. With all of the visitors in town this week, and passers through on their way to Bonnaroo, it is a good week to hang close to the house and enjoy being somewhat removed from the fray.

It might get you thinking about working on a couple of projects you were planning on procrastinating. Well, you should strongly consider putting off your procrastination a while and get that ‘honey-do’ list back out. There are some things to be mindful of at this time.

Treat your conifers for bagworms and spider mites. It may be that you’ve never had problems with either of these pests previously. If you think bagworms are easy to overlook; spider mites are microscopic! It is a bit late to use a systemic insecticide for either now, unless you want it for residual control; it will take too long to get into the plant’s system. The best method is spraying. Use of Permethrin, found in products such as Hi-Yield 33 Plus, can effectively control bagworms as well as many spider mites. One more thing: Always use spreader-sticker when spraying; it makes whatever you spray much more effective.

We continue to offer our annuals, located in our large greenhouse, next to the perennial area, for 50% off; this week; we are doing something else as well. Help us get the word out: We have FREE vegetable plants available to ANY community garden project, as long as they last. We also offer these to you FREE as well, so long as you’re willing to share with others. You are probably already doing that! Come on out, have a cool drink of water on us and get a bit more gardening done; the weather couldn’t be more perfect!

Soak it in…

David Bates