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Archive date:  June 29, 2012


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Water is the word. Water is the word that conjures an oasis mirage. Water is the word that refreshes us, our plants and sustains our lives. Too little water is bad. Too much water is really bad. We fortunately have the former, not the latter. Hot, dry conditions albeit uncomfortable and inconvenient, are preferable to inundation. Hopefully our collective experience of two years ago is a helpful reminder; it could be much worse, just ask the folks in Florida.

Successful gardeners have a natural feel for when and how much to water plants. When people are described as having a green thumb; that is ‘code’ for: intuitive waterer. Being a successful gardener does not mean someone is lucky, what is means is they have a developed sense for what a plant needs. For some folks this seems to come naturally, others an acquired art. Whatever the case, you better be channeling your best aquatic abilities.

Proper watering is done slowly. It takes time. You cannot force water into the soil; it needs to percolate and absorb. Watering should be a relaxing start or end to the day (perhaps both). If you’re in a hurry, you will not water properly. Successful gardeners allow the proper amount of time. If you are using a pistol grip device on the end of your hose, put it back in the bucket with the car washing supplies. It is the worst thing for watering; it was never intended for this purpose. Think large droplet size with moderate pressure. Shower nozzles for hanging baskets work great; more pressure is not better!

If you water the lawn with a sprinkler, use one that does not atomize the water; don’t create mist. Mist is water that quickly vaporizes into the air…most of it never reaches the desired target. If you have an irrigation system and you water the lawn every day for 9 minutes; re-set your controller for 3 days per week at 21 minutes instead. Deeper soaking is preferred.

Thanks to the many who caught my miscue in the last newsletter. The date was supposed to be June 27, not July 27th! Our Independence Sale is 33% off all plants through July 3rd, 2012. We will be CLOSED July 4th.

Happy 4th to all; we have plenty of free ICE COLD bottled water while you shop,

David Bates