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Archive date:  July 6, 2012

Dog Days Already

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I always associated “Dog Days” with August. This year, it didn’t even wait until June was finished. Wow is all I can say. I have been out in the elements for dang near the entirety of the recent run of hot weather. Our weather station reading last Friday was 110.3˚. At the risk of sounding redundant, we all need to be thinking of how we can maximize our water resources. That’s about all I’ve been able to think about. Water restrictions have already begun in Williamson County.

Here at the nursery, we have been working for the last 10 days to reduce the amount of water we need. We have put all plants on the paved sales lot; enabling us to capture our runoff and re-use it. This has proven to be easier said than done. It is worth the effort. This will reduce our water use by nearly 80%. There is much you can do to give your plants proper care and maximize your water use as well; here’s a few suggestions: Capture your condensate from your central A/C unit. Each unit can remove as much as 5 gallons of water from the air daily. Capture your water from washing clothes. A single load of washed clothes can use as much as 50 gallons of water. Your plants could care less if there is dirt and detergent in the water. If you take a bath or shower in a tub, put the stopper in and bail out the water after each bathing; again, the plants are okay with ‘gray’ water.

Everyone in our line of business sells Gator Bags. They are great item, but they’re not cheap. A money saving technique is to use old 5-gallon buckets (or buy cheap new ones) with 3, one-eighth inch holes drilled close together at the bottom. This will allow the water to escape slowly into the ground around hard-to-reach trees and shrubs. Remember all trees need MINIMUM of 10 gallons per week, per inch of trunk diameter (measure the diameter 6” off the ground).

We have free iced bottled water and advice to help you and you garden get through the dog days!

David Bates