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Archive date:  July 18, 2012

What is Normal?

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We’ve all heard normal described as a setting on the washer or the a/c in the car (why would you want NORMAL a/c when you can have MAX a/c?). We have all described someone as seeming normal; usually following some abnormal behavior. You may know that Normal is a city in central Illinois. The forecast for this week has been described as normal. So exactly what is normal?

As an adjective, normal is described as: conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; regular; natural. In Biology normal is described as: a natural occurrence. In Psychology, normal is described as: free from any mental disorder; sane. I’m pretty sure I qualify for the first two definitions. Normal is an assessment of all situations in life. I’m constantly passing everything through the ‘Normal’ quiz. If my car squeaks, is that normal? If my computer beeps, is that normal? If the floor creaks, is that normal? If my willow weeps, is that normal?

If the weather is normal now, well that is okay by me. Yes it’s hot, but not unbearable. The ground has moisture. The grass is growing…like gangbusters (I’m not even sure exactly what constitutes a ‘gangbuster’ or if that simile applies, but I thought it sounded good). The conditions are again favorable for planting, without requiring any super-human effort. You, yes you as a BatesRewards member, should come on out and take advantage of our Pick 4 for 40% off Sale going on now through the close of business on Wednesday July 25, 2012. You will be able to select any 4 items for purchase and receive 40% off. The only exclusions are our consigned items: storage buildings, furniture and gazebos. Also excluded are gift cards and deliveries. Other than that everything else is fair game. So come on out, select your 4 items at 40% off, and if you hurry, you can get two free tropicals selections with a $40 purchase. These plants are located at the checkout…while supplies last!

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David Bates