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Archive date:  August 9, 2012

Summer in Reverse

33% off extended!

Is it just me or does it seem that the weather this summer has been backwards? Instead of beginning the late spring/early summer season with the customary gradual ramping up of temperatures, we jumped directly into a massive record-setting heat wave and drought. It was an ominous start. I was greatly concerned that we were all in for a disastrous summer. To be sure, there was damage to many items in the landscape, but we have surely gotten through better than many. I’m grateful for that. The weather outlook for the weekend, and into next week looks pretty sweet.

With temperatures today only reaching 90 degrees (the lower 80’s for Friday and Saturday) and the great chance for some more rain today/tonight/tomorrow…well it makes for a spectacular weekend to get out and ‘Play in the Dirt’. Right now I’m only too happy to be getting more rain. The cooler temps remind us all that fall is rapidly approaching. For real gardeners like you and me that is a promising thought after the heat of summer. The weather might have been backwards this summer, but right now, I’m feeling pretty good about that! Hopefully the hundred degree-days are behind us…at least until next year.

The visions of autumn dancing in our heads should be rewarded. We all should fulfill our gardening wants, and we’re here to help you with that. We have extended our 33% off Everything(see exceptions below) Sale through next Wednesday August 13, 2012. The tax-free weekend, now a distant memory will be erased from your gardening memory for the next week. Pick out whatever you wish and get it for 33% off. As an added bonus, I am pricing our Double Pink Knockout roses at $14.92. You will still receive an additional 33% off…your final cost is only $9.99! You better hurry before we run out. If you have been planning on planting a pink knockout rose or planting a hedge; the time is now. BatesRewards has its privileges!

Come on out, enjoy the cool weather, have a free bottle of water or sports beverage…and get ready to save!

David Bates

consignment items, gift cards and deliveries are excluded