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Archive date:  September 3, 2012

Take it Easy…it’s Labor Day

Cool season color and veggies arrive; Kickoff to Fall for BatesRewards members

The frenzy of fall is in the air. The horrors of heat wave are now a distant memory. Visions of corn stalks, pumpkins and harvest moons fill our thoughts. While those things are still just a bit in the future, fall color is officially here. This week we have brought in our initial order of everything fall. From pansies to violas; broccoli and lettuce, cabbage and kale, we have gotten the fall rolling…and there’s no turning back.

Chrysanthemums by any other name are still chrysanthemums. The mums have indeed arrived. If you’re in the autumn spirit, (and who isn’t) we have a great Kickoff to Fall event going on now through Saturday September 1st. That’s right, going on now through Saturday September 1st BatesRewards members get 15% off all plant selections…including cool season plants and color! We’re closed on Sundays for a bit longer and we’ll be closed on Labor Day, Monday September 3rd. So the event ends at closing on Saturday, September 1, 2012 at 4pm.

There’s one more bonus: We have also received many shipments of new stock for fall. We have just unloaded the finest truckloads of plant material from Monrovia, Transplant, Hackney Nurseries and more. The Kickoff to Fall includes everything we have in plant material. This is your chance to save on stock that has just arrived and ready to grow! Remember; this event goes through the close of business on Saturday September 1st. This three-day event gives you as a BatesRewards member first choice and savings to boot! You get 15% off all plants; Thursday, Friday and Saturday only…We’re CLOSED on Labor Day…

So don’t delay, we’re working on a short week. The sale ends Saturday September 1, 2012 and don’t forget: Take it easy…It’s Labor Day!

David Bates