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Archive date:  October 5, 2012

Sew, Sew Weather (Sow, Sow?)

October is the month for over-seeding

For everyone who ponders the perpetual question: When is the best time to over-seed my lawn? The answer is simple…NOW! There are many gardening tasks that have a wide window of opportunity; not so in seeding. You may ask, “Can I not sew seed in spring?” Certainly some do; others are sufficiently successful in September, still…sprouting sometimes suffers. Seeding satisfaction, shy of sodding, most surely signals this sew-sew month has surfaced…in other words…it is October; do it now!

In middle Tennessee, the dominant choice for grass is fescue. Tall fescue is the most important cool season grass in the United States. It provides the primary ground cover on some 35 million acres. It is a versatile perennial grass used for livestock forage, various turf purposes and for erosion control.
While Kentucky 31’s importance is undeniable in the landscape, its major drawback is the coarse texture of the foliage. More than thirty years ago, research and testing began in earnest on what we now know as turf-type fescues. Extensive and exhaustive trials have been conducted over the time since. These trials have resulted in a plethora of named varieties of turf-type fescues. That can get confusing.
As someone who has had the opportunity to use turf-type fescues since their inception, they have surely come a long way. Dramatic improvements in germination of seed, drought tolerance, disease resistance, fine texture foliage and overall turf quality have been achieved. So which one is the best? For me the choice is easy: Proven Turfgrass Technology…PTT.
We have made a special purchase of Proven Turfgrass Technology turf-type fescue blend. We are offering the best turf seed at the best prices on sale now through October 31, 2012, the prime-seeding season. 50# Bags of PTT, regularly $119.99 on sale now for just $89.99, for BatesRewards members only!
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Come on out enjoy the cool temperatures with the selection and expertise you have come to expect. We appreciate the opportunity!

David Bates