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Archive date:  October 11, 2012

Bates Nursery Voted Best of Nashville!

All pottery now 30% off, Groupon redemption extended!

The readers of the Nashville Scene have spoken. You have honored us yet again and have voted us “Best of Nashville, Best Local Nursery”. We know it is our loyal BatesRewards members like you who make that possible. To be voted best once is fabulous, to have now been voted best 9 years is quite an honor, as well as humbling. We appreciate your continued support; I thank you.

Perhaps I’m not the only person that is dogged by various things I need to get done. Projects do that to me. Once I see something that needs attention, it drives me a bit loony until I achieve completion. It would seem my quest is: to narrow the gap chasm that sometimes exists between my intentions and my actions. I have had to learn, the hard way, that seemingly overwhelming projects I undertake are actually a series of many small tasks done in the correct order. This often requires planning to achieve.

So if you are like me and occasionally let things ‘slip’ past, here’s your opportunity to take action before it’s too late. This just in, from: The Department of Redundancy Department: It is time to get your over-seeding done. I will get untold number of calls next month wanting to know if it is too late to over-seed. I will answer, “YES, it is too late, and you have eleven months to think about it.” Now is the time. If you are going to over-seed your lawn; do it now. We have Proven Turfgrass Technology (PTT) turf-type Fescue on sale for $89.99 through October 31, 2012, for BatesRewards members, like you!

Here’s a couple of other thank-you’s; if your dog ate your Groupon or time simply got away from you, we have extended redemption through October 27, 2012; so don’t delay! We are also offering all pottery at 30% off, just in time for fall container gardening and transplanting…also through October 27th, 2012. A reminder: Groupons cannot be used in conjunction with any other sale or discount…

Hope to see you soon,

David Bates