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Archive date:  October 18, 2012

Why Can’t Fall Last Nine Months?

It’s Perfect pansy planting weather; 30% off Pottery continues

It seems like a perfectly reasonable request to me. Fall is such a glorious time; why can’t it last nine months? There is so much to do and the time is short. Three months is not enough. Here we are in the middle of October with autumn flying past; it almost feels like life in the fall is played out in time-lapse. It all happens so fast. I am not being greedy in my request. I am not wishing for the whole year, just nine months.

As a much younger man, once upon a time, I lived in Hawaii. I thought I would never miss the seasonal changes. I was surprised to find out that the seasons meant so much to me…even winter! Winter is the price we all pay to get to enjoy fall. All in all that’s still a good deal.

A few weeks ago dear friend Annette Schrader showed up with the Volunteer Gardener team…Producer Greta Requierme and Videographer extraordinaire Jim DeMarco…sort of unexpectedly. Well, actually I did find out five minutes before they arrived. Anyway, the resulting video is on our YouTube site:
Annette Schrader and David Bates on Volunteer Gardener
. The folks at WNPT do a wonderful service for our community; celebrating 50 years, they are very deserving of our support.

There is so much going on, it’s hard to decide what to squeeze in. I enjoy running, but rarely does my schedule permit me to run in local races…that radio show I do on Saturday mornings begins at the same time as most races. There is one exception: The Neely’s Bend Fun Run. This race is held on Sunday afternoon, November 11, 2012 at Peeler Park at the end of Neely’s Bend in Madison. The best part: the start time is 1:00 pm, so it gives many the chance to run…including me! If you register by October 19th you are guaranteed a race shirt:
The Neely's Bend Fun Run
.com. This is a way for you to support a wonderful local group and have fun in the process!

Hope you can ‘run’ on out and see us this weekend!

David Bates