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Archive date:  October 26, 2012

Weather: the Changes

Pottery sale, PTT seed, extended Groupon redemption end Saturday,

I am an admitted technophile. When technology works, it’s a wonderful thing. When it fails, it rocks my world, and not in a good way. This past week, from October 14th-19th, my email for this newsletter ceased to function. It didn’t totally cease, it would allow email to be sent… it just wouldn’t receive. If you sent me a message last week, I did not receive it. I have not been ignoring you. My email mailbox reached capacity and began rejecting everything. I believe I have rectified the situation. Sorry for any inconvenience!

In case you have been ignoring the weather forecast, the wonderful run of gloriously warm days is ending. THUD! The eighty-degree days are giving away to mid-fifties for high temperatures. That’s right, the high for the next several days will be where our low temperatures have been. Our low temperatures will be near the freezing point over the same time period. There are a few things you need to be mindful of as this weather transition takes place.

These things need to happen now. Move plants in off the deck or patio; spray them with insecticidal soap or neem oil to kill pests and prevent spreading them to other plants in your house. You may also recall my recent sermonette with regards to overseeding your lawn. If you have waited until now, you have almost waited too late. You can still successfully overseed, but seed germination will be agonizingly slow.

The good news is: those are the only things where your gardening opportunity is time sensitive. For all other planting activities, the time and weather couldn’t be better! This is also begins the time where you can start thinking of transplanting a few things around the garden; after this weekend, things will quickly move towards dormancy.

Do not delay on this: Pottery sale (30% off), PTT grass seed ($89.99 50# bag) and extended Groupon redemption, end at closing time (4pm) on Saturday October 27th.

Our pansies and other cold weather color are incredible!

David Bates