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Archive date:  November 1, 2012

Eventful Times

Fall Back into Savings; 25% off All Trees!

November has arrived. The certainty of seasonal change becomes more difficult to deny. This November 1st brings changes that are both expected and surprising. The devastation of hurricane Sandy to our friends and loved ones in the northeast is front and center for most. For many of us, the sight of flooded city and homes brings back painful memories. We know what they are going through. Even if their damage collectively far exceeds what we experienced, on an individual basis we understand the feelings of helplessness and insurmountability. Thankfully, time does much to heal those feelings.

On a lighter note, we have an election happening next week. Okay, I’m not sure if it is actually lighter or not, but at least we all have the chance to vote and get past yet another election cycle. Does campaigning really ever stop?

Time changes this weekend. Make sure to set your clocks back 1 hour at precisely 2am. Only do this the first time the clock strikes two. Failure to heed this could make for a very long night…for the next 4 months. Those who successfully negotiate the time change will notice two things. It will likely be daylight when you awaken and it will be dark as you travel home. This is a major bummer for many, but not for me. I am only too glad to have my daylight at the start of the day. Even though I understand why we change the time back and forth, I really wish we could just pick one time and stick with it year ‘round.

In honor of the passing of Daylight Savings Time and the election, we are offering substantial savings on all trees. Our entire selection of trees is ‘falling back’ in price 25% through the close of business on November 8th 2012. Cast your vote for the ‘tree’ candidate(s) of your choice and save 25%! The tree ballot includes all trees from our extensive selection including: Japanese maple, crape myrtle, southern magnolias as well as our entire selection of shade, ornamental and fruit trees in stock. Don’t worry about selecting trees that lean to the right or left; you can adjust them to suit your own preference when you plant!

Weather looks great, come on out,

David Bates