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Archive date:  November 8, 2012

Transplanting Time

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You’ve been looking at that shrub too long. The tree has just about outgrown the spot. Your crape myrtle is too close to the house. You have reached the breaking point. No matter what the case, whatever the plant, something’s got to give; and the good news is: Now is the time to transplant…but there’s no rush, you have from now until the end of February. Start by planning and taking proper action.

Before digging shrubs, tie up the branches; every measure should be taken to minimize the amount of time the plant is out of the ground. Therefore, it is a good idea to dig the hole where the plant or tree is being moved to first. Trees greater than an inch in trunk diameter (measured 6 inches off the ground) need 1 foot of root-ball diameter for every 1 inch of trunk diameter. Ball sizes should always be large enough in diameter and depth to encompass enough of the fibrous and feeding root system to provide for the full recovery of the plant.

Thorough watering is essential when transplanting has completed. This insures the transplant is properly hydrated and most importantly, settles the soil by removing air pockets.

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