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Archive date:  November 29, 2012

Creative Avoidance?

Say farewell November/hello December with 40% off all plants; bagged EarthMix® products!

Tis the season; where temptation to eat to excess abounds. We can all successfully check off Thanksgiving. One down, a whole bunch to go. Between the holiday gatherings, impromptu get-togethers, office mixers and outright throw-downs, it is tough to say no. There are just so many talented food preparers. I don’t know about you, but I am forever worried I might offend someone who has taken the time to put together wonderful treats. Being one of those people who have no innate sense of moderation for food…(or anything else for that matter), my dear bride often says of me, “Too much, is just about right”.

It’s not that I lack willpower; it’s won’tpower, which escapes me. I won’t stop at one cupcake. Clearly, one cookie won’t suffice. “Won’t you have another piece of chess pie?” I digress. I can report one area where I seem to show remarkable self-restraint. When I approach the grazing post of any party, I am able to control, with remarkable ease, the temptation to over-indulge in raw carrots, celery or broccoli; providing, of course, there is an extremely limited supply of ranch and blue cheese dressing. With three events in the offing this weekend, I figure I’ll need to run at least 29 miles to burn off excess calories…but I probably won’t.

Whether you’re saying farewell to November or simply acknowledging the fact that December is here, the reality of great fall weather passing us, in the not-too-distant future, cannot be escaped. Act now while the weather is nice. As we enjoy the splendid weather, those late-season gardening projects can be accomplished with success and with tremendous savings! We are now offering all plants, everything that is growing, at 40% off PLUS, all bagged EarthMix® products also at 40% off.

That’s everything that grows plus the best products to assure the best results: All trees, shrubs, groundcovers, pansies, violas, poinsettias and ALL bagged EarthMix® products at 40% off.

Our selection is still excellent; hurry out before items on your wish list get away!

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