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Archive date:  December 7, 2012

Wonderful Warm Weather…Right?

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The sensational temperatures over the past days are certainly welcome…at least to us humans. I’m less than certain our plants concur. At the very least, seventy-degree days that follow lows in the twenties get the plants’ internal clocks a bit screwed up. Over the past days I have seen iris, forsythia, and a few azalea showing a bit of color. These ‘blast’ blooms are not uncommon, but excessive duration of warms spells will spend those flowers now instead of in the spring, when they’re suppose to flower.

With near normal temperatures in the forecast for next week, it is welcome, if only horticulturally speaking. We do have an increased chance of rain over the weekend. That may be a bummer for you, but we really need the rain. The ‘big’ rain event from earlier in the week netted only .19 of an inch. Better than nuthin’, but only .19” better. We are not in a drought situation here, but elsewhere it is significant, so we’ll take what we can get. Hopefully, others that need it direly will get the rain as well.

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She looks forward to seeing you…as do we!

David Bates