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Archive date:  December 21, 2012

A Christmas Wish for You

Last day of business this year; One Day Only 50% off Everything*

It’s about that time. The fall season has officially ended, winter is now upon us. It is a time of reflection and gratitude. It is a time to be with family and loved ones. All of that togetherness can create stress, however. I have heard it said, “God gives us family… to keep us from fighting with strangers!” Hopefully your holiday plans don’t include a tag-team match with Uncle Bobby.

We don’t intend to get cross-wise with those near and dear ones. It just happens. A word here, the over-analyzing of facial expression there, can be the catalyst that sparks the ignition of a real-life family free-for-all. I overheard someone recently, talking from the moral summit; bestowing beatitudes upon his family. “At least when we fight, we keep it inside the house and not out in the front yard”…

My dad had a lot of signs around the house when I was growing up. It is better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt- There’s never been anything I’ve thought and later regretted. Occasionally I find my “internal monologue” becomes “external”. My goal for the holiday season, and every day for that matter, is to keep my words kind towards everyone I come in contact with…especially my family. That is my wish for you as well.

Whether it was the rain today, or simply schedule difficulties, several folks were unable to participate in our 50% off all plants sale this past week. Here is what we have to offer for One Day Only…50% off Everything*. All trees, shrubs, groundcovers, mulches, soils, pottery, fertilizer, chemicals, tools…everything we have on hand is on sale for One Day Only at 50% off Everything*! Even everything* has a limit, excluding: gift cards, consigned furniture and deliveries. Come and get it, One Day Only 50% off Everything* this Friday, December 21, 2012 from 8am ‘til 4pm.

We will be CLOSED Saturday, December 22, 2012; re-opening Wednesday, January 2, 2013 at 8am!

Happiest of Holidays from all of us at Bates Nursery & Garden Center,

David Bates