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Archive date:  March 7, 2013

A Slow Roll Towards Spring

Interested in a seasonal gig at Bates?

Spring has turned lethargic.  The past couple of weeks have seemed like the dead of winter.  That is life in gardening.  We can’t do anything about the weather, so we just learn to deal with it.  That doesn’t mean we have to like it.  It makes getting things ready for your arrival a bit more challenging, that’s all. 

Take our shade area for instance, we have found that re-sealing that area every year is necessary.  It is necessary if we want to keep the algae/moss growth in check.  Regularly irrigated areas with low light are susceptible to slime.  Fortunately, the asphalt sealer inhibits the growth well.  We have had difficulty in finding a ‘window of opportunity’ to get this done.  It looks like Saturday is the day.  We will have the area flagged off, so if you come out and wonder if the area is still wet…well, it probably will be. 


Now is the time when we put out the word for reinforcements.  Being a seasonal business, we must expand our full-time staff to include some avid gardeners who have a few computer skills and enjoy working outside and talking to people about plants.  Perhaps that is you.  If that be the case, simply drop by and fill out an application.  Ask for Paula or Sherry and they’ll give you the once-over, I mean the low-down, on where we have needs.  Ours is a weekend business, so keep that in mind, hopefully you have some weekend time available.


The stock has continued to roll in this week.  We just received a truck from Iseli Nursery.  Everyone seems to have interest when their trucks are being unloaded.  There is a good reason for that.   Iseli has some of the coolest and most beautiful plants.  We don’t exactly have everything yet, but we officially look like a nursery again!


Remember to download our new BatesRewards app from Perka www.getPerka.com. Remember to Spring Forward this Sunday morning; we’ll be open until 4:30p beginning Monday March 11th!


Come on out!


David Bates