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Archive date:  January 17, 2013

Wet Warm Winter Wonderland

Happy New Year from Bates Nursery & Garden Center!

2013 is officially here…10 days past. Now that we’re all officially “in the groove”, for this New Year, it is a good time to ponder and plan for the season present as well as ahead. The moderate temperatures may get you in the mood to garden. The moisture in abundance will likely temper your enthusiasm. It is a bit wet to do much digging. It is a good time to observe what the water falling from above is doing, once it makes contact with the soil.

Taking the time to see where water may be ponding, for extended periods, may offer clues to you as to where in your yard, you may need to make drainage adjustments. Here is the problem: it is almost impossible to do anything about such an issue while the water is standing or running. So what to do?

The best activity is marking the area(s) that are affected. This is most easily done with irrigation flags. An irrigation flag is simply a plastic flag on a stiff wire that is about a foot tall. These small markers are commonly used by irrigation contractors and other construction trades to designate spots where underground, or otherwise invisible, utilities or reference points exist. Marking areas of disappearing water is a great use for irrigation flags.

I am always certain I will remember exactly where a problem area is. Experience however, has proven otherwise. That is where the flags come in. By marking low spots in need of extra soil, around the perimeter while water is standing, you can easily return to the spot and add exactly the correct amount of soil needed. Additionally, observing water flowing along an undesired path can also be marked with flags to remind you of possible grade changes to re-route the water, when drier soil conditions permit.

Use these wet conditions to your benefit; you may find you have no standing water issues at all. That is the best news of all.

Enjoy the winter!

David Bates