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Archive date:  February 28, 2013

A Chilly Start, but it's a Start

Yes, we have plants outside...

We have had the great fortune over the past several weekends to have pretty, mild weather. It sure seemed like the time to open shop up for Saturday shoppers. Perhaps hindsight is twenty-twenty. There could be snow on the ground Saturday morning (and I’ll tell you now, if that is the case we won’t be open), hopefully that is not the case. Even if it is, we have no room to complain; at least we don’t live in Kansas. I can’t even imagine dealing with a foot of snow…twice it two weeks! If in doubt, give us a call or check the website to see if ‘Snowbird’ has pulled a closure on us.

This is the time for planning and taking action around the landscape. If you’re like me and you have a large quantity of monkey grass a.k.a. liriope, I have a video on our YouTube site; youtube.com/batesnursery, that is worth taking one minute to watch. The video shows you how quick and easy it is to ‘mow’ your monkey grass…with no mess. This is a time sensitive task; you should get this done prior to any emergence of new shoots. Whether you mow your monkey grass, use hedge shears, or even use a weed eater, this needs to be finished by mid-March.

Just a quick reminder, you can download our free BatesRewards loyalty app from Perka. Go to www.getperka.com and download it either for iPhone or Android smartphones…it even works on a regular cellphone…as long as you text. 

Our spring lecture schedule is beginning to shape up. Headlining the list is a local favorite, Rowena Aldridge. Rowena is a certified instructor of SquareFoot gardening. In addition to her regular class, she also has a new class we are featuring for the first time. For full details, check out our Facebook page. To sign up for a particular class contact Sara Bates: sarabates@batesnursery.com. 

By the way, don’t forget The Nashville Lawn & Garden Show is this weekend; Thursday through Sunday. It will be a great show, as always!

Warm Regards,

David Bates