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Archive date:  February 25, 2013

This is the Week; Now Open Saturdays!

Download our new BatesRewards app from Perka!

With February winding down, the excitement of the spring ahead is obvious and contagious. The pace of phone calls hastens. Completion of pre-spring projects is drawing near. The plants are getting ready to be moved out of the greenhouses and unloaded from semis. We are receiving a full truck from Monrovia Oregon on Tuesday! The days of winter lollygagging have passed. It is probably inaccurate to say that we’ve been lollygagging; more like, taking frequent breaks. The point is, we are well on our way towards spring, and we want you to know it!

Beginning Monday, February 25, 2013 we will begin staying open Monday through Saturday from 8am until 4pm. It won’t be long before we will extend our closing time… as the days grow ever longer. 

We have been busy in other ways as well. We want to make your experience here at Bates the very best it can be. A frequent question, “Exactly what is the rewards part of BatesRewards?” We’ll usually explain about you getting the first word on new arrivals, educational classes, special deals, and this newsletter. All of that is true, but we want to do something else; something to “Reward” you for your loyal patronage. That is where Perka comes in. On your smartphone go to: www.getPerka.com . Once there, click on: “Get the free app”, either for iPhone or Android phones. Once you have the app installed, come on out and “Check In”. You will receive 50 points for your first “Check In”. That is enough to earn you a free 8 qt. bag of EarthMix® Earthworm Castings. You may choose to save your points for other ‘Perks’; you receive additional points for every dollar purchase. Check the app for a complete list of current ‘Perks’.

Right about now you might be saying, “Dad-gummit, I don’t have a smart phone, so I guess that means I can’t get these ‘Perks’. Wrong. You can text BATES to (330) 400-3300 from any cell phone and receive all the ‘Perks’ those smart phone people get. 

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

David Bates